Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Live Hangout with Tarina Tarantino and Lydia Hearst

In case you missed it, here is the full Google Hangout with Lydia Hearst and editors Liz Franz and Marissa Harrington. Cute face I am making there huh? Gotta love those screen grabs! This was my first Google Hangout and I really loved it so fun and informative. So heres the mini overview; during the hangout we discussed how to apply and wear shimmer and sparkle in your beauty routine.  I demonstrated how to correctly use my Sparklicity pure and Shimmer Dust products  as well as how to incorporate sparkle into a daytime look. I had a great time chatting with these ladies discussing our favorite beauty tricks. Lydia Hearst who really knows fashion and beauty having worked with the best makeup artists and photographers all over the world dispensed great tips about using multiple eyeliners to create a smokey eye and she also teaches us how to use do some beauty multitasking with lipstick from eyes to lips- wow! You can find all the products we discussed on and of course our website too. Oh and be sure to check out Lydia's fantastic website called Love Lydia Hearst too!  Hope you enjoy the hangout! please comment here with any beauty questions you may have and lets start a sparkling conversation!

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