Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chaplin wisdom

This is our cardboard cutout of Charlie.  He moved in on Olivia's birthday last year as she is mildly obsessed with Mr. Chaplin and had the aforementioned as the theme for her party.  Well we gave him some extra sparkle (note the tiny star sequins on his shoulder and hat) and then we all fell in love.  He lives with us now, and sometimes at night when I sneak downstairs for a midnight snack and some reality t.v, I catch him out of the corner of my eye and jump out of my skin.  Once he arrived we realized he was just meant to be part of the family.  He moves around, we try to keep him out of the sun so he won't fade and he is always the life of any dinner party.  What Chaplin has become for us is a daily reminder of what is possible when you stay focused and work hard. He also authored many wonderful quotes, this one being my favorite.  He coined this phrase after a disastrous fire during the filming of The Circus, he was devastated as everything was destroyed and he practically had to start over. But in typical chaplin style he picked himself up and marched on.  The Circus went on to be one of the masterpieces of silent history and Chaplin continues to inspire us all to this day with his genius and style.

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