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FUCHSIA REVOLUTION PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS MILAN STORE OPENING PART 1-4... a little behind the scenes mini documentary about the preparations and opening of our flagship store in MILAN, ITALY.


Kate and William are coming to California!  This WWD feature shows how L.A designers  imagine they should dress and where they should go.  I suggested that they hike to THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN for a romantic picnic at sunset and stop by the SPARKLE FACTORY for a tour.  Here is Kate in our HEY SAILOR! jewelry collection looking ready for a sparkling summer!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Recently Christina Binkley from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL sat down with Alfonso and I at THE SPARKLE FACTORY. Here is the article as it appears on WSJ.com:

Pink. Plastic. These adjectives aren't usually applied to fashionable jewelry. But Tarina Tarantino has changed that. With stores in Milan, Los Angeles and New York, she is the haute designer of playful jewelry for grown women.
Her nostalgic Barbie rings are not for your kindergartner. Nor are her banana earrings, studded with tiny Swarovski crystals and topped with Lucite bows. There are Hello Kitty pendants and earrings and a current collection that she calls "Beastly Bijou." It's the sort of pavé-and-spikes jewelry that your pet dinosaur might wear. Her designs are often arch or camp. For Valentine's Day this year, Ms. Tarantino made pink tiaras but also a black "I Hate Hearts" skull collection.
Ms. Tarantino, 37, has developed a huge list of celebrity clients, many of whom have a dark side. Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Beth Ditto and Kelly Osbourne are fans. Lindsay Lohan wore her black cameo bow headband at a recent Viktor & Rolf fashion show in Paris.
The trick in this business, Ms. Tarantino said, is to elevate a product that might feel dime-store to the level of high fashion. Her baubles—sold in stores from London to Zagreb and Hong Kong—don't come cheap, considering the lack of precious stones, gold or silver. The "Topkapi Sunset" necklace is priced at $465. A ring with a 1950s-era Barbie head is $63.
The girly jewelry that Tarina Tarantino makes at first glance seems for kids. But the materials and the prices elevate this jewelry to grown-up stuff.
To elevate the brand, she manufactures the pieces to be weighty—literally. Lucite "stones" in the shape of hearts or flowers can be big and heavy. Many come laden with Swarovski crystals. It's a fine line. "I go right to the edge sometimes with color and girly and cuteness," she conceded. One more step and it could be tacky.
She is frequently approached for co-branding collaborations and has done them with Barbie and Hello Kitty; she has even worked with Disney. But she's careful to avoid subjects that lack the irony or nostalgic twist that keeps her customers in the 25-to-40 age range. She says she wouldn't do pure-kid-stuff brands like Smurfs or My Little Pony.
Designing 15 eclectic collections a year requires Ms. Tarantino to generate a steady stream of new ideas, often on deadline. On many mornings, she sets aside a couple of hours, shuts the door of her office, which is chock-a-block with the kitsch that inspires her jewelry collections, and wills herself to be creative. She turns to children's books, her own dreams and music for inspiration. A Roxy Music song inspired her "Strange Delight" collection, which features a zany jumble of colorful baubles. A collection called "Magic Hour" was inspired by the views from her Hollywood Hills home.
"If you looked inside my brain, it's like a stove full of pots," she said. "Some are simmering, some are boiling, and some don't have anything in them yet."
Ms. Tarantino manages a staff of design assistants and factory workers, which also requires creativity, she said. Recently, one of her employees wasn't happy with her performance review and asked Ms. Tarantino to discuss the review with her mother. "I told her that her mother doesn't work here," Ms. Tarantino said.
Tarina Tarantino
Iconic Collection Skull Stretch Bracelets
The mother of two girls, she lives and works in Los Angeles. The office and factory are in a downtown facility known as the Sparkle Factory, where Christmas music plays year-round, from Wham! to Burl Ives.

Hot pink hair is part of her brand. She's had it for 13 years and uses the same colorist to get the perfect shade each time. Her colorist mixes four colors to produce "Tarina Pink." "I got married with pink hair. I had two babies with pink hair. And I'll be an old lady with pink hair," she said, sounding committed. She wore a black Marni dress with lavender lace pantyhose and bright pink nail polish.
It all started when she was a child in Southern California, with a mother who more than once took her to see Mummenschanz, the surreal Swiss pantomime group. She began making jewelry at age three, out of materials including Bakelite, an early plastic. She later worked as a fashion model until she grew tired of "starving" herself to stay thin. As a model, and working as a makeup artist after that, she created collage-style jewelry out of found objects, and people bought her creations right off her body. She was soon in business.
When Cameron Diaz spotted one of her turquoise-colored Lucite bracelets on a friend's wrist and wore it to the 2002 Oscars with an Emanuel Ungaro wrap gown, Tarina Tarantino "fashion jewelry" was on the map.
"My hobby became my business," Ms. Tarantino says. "So suddenly I have no hobbies."


• One of jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino's recent collections, called Black Dahlia, is a subversive take on Victorian mourning jewelry. Yet its campy look is almost uplifting. "The best compliment I can get is that (the jewelry) is optimistic."
• Ms. Tarantino says she began dying her hair pink because she "wanted to experience a way of living through color." Once a woman in line behind her at a coffee shop commented, "You must have a very tolerant boss to allow you to come to work with pink hair." Ms. Tarantino turned around, smiled and replied "Actually, my boss has the same color hair!"
• Her office and manufacturing facility, called the Sparkle Factory, will soon move to a building in downtown LA that the company bought. Last year, British underground artist Banksy asked to paint on one exterior wall. The result—a painting of a little girl on a swing, with the word "Parking" turned into "Park"—caused a stir with the city, which interpreted it as a sign advertising an adjacent parking lot.
• Ms. Tarantino mourns the rise of Hollywood stylists, saying that stars are told what to wear these days and don't follow their own desires. Her own jump start, she says—when Cameron Diaz spontaneously decided to wear her bracelet to the 2002 Oscars—"would never happen today."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 Friend of Sephora: Tarina Tarantino (FROM SEPHORA 'S BEAUTY & THE BLOG)

Even in the beauty industry, it's very rare to meet someone for whom sparkle is a self-described "state of mind." We got a chance to speak to the one-and-only Tarina Tarantino about her life in the sparkle trenches and her upcoming appearance on QVC, this Thursday, June 16 at 10:00 p.m. PST (or June 17 1:00 a.m. EST).

Beauty & the Blog:You launched on QVC last summer. How has your experience been so far?

Tarina Tarantino: Going live is like nothing I had ever experienced before. The energy and excitement in the studio are amazing. Working with such incredible hosts makes it easier, and I am always in awe by what they are able to do. 

B&TB: Do you still get butterflies before going on air?
TT: Yes, I do still get butterflies! But mine sparkle. 
I usually relax by catching up with other beauty brand founders like Josie Maran in the green room beforehand. Everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. It’s really an amazing team at QVC, and I always have fun. 

B&TB: What are some camera-ready beauty tips?TT: My new SPARKLICITY Gloss reflects the studio lights so beautifully and makes lips look lush. This is because it visually plumps your lips with the micro-crystalline gems in the formula. I also try to get a really good night's sleep before and drink lots of water. It's cliché, but so true!
B&TB: You have a unique philosophy on sparkle. Tell us about it. 
TT: Sparkle is a state of mind. 

B&TB: So, how does your state of mind inform your beauty collection? 

TT: I feel that adding some shimmer or sparkle brings light, happiness, and beauty to a makeup look. I have formulated my Sparklicity products to give women of all ages a chance to wear sparkle. It contains a micro-crystalline sparkle technology that incorporates crushed diamond dust and gemstones to emulate the sparkle from my jewelry collections. 

B&TB: What is the one beauty item you don’t leave the house without using?TT: Fleur De Lash mascara, it is the ONE thing I wear no matter what. The formula also curls your lashes, so it’s a one-step mascara routine. It stays on all day and does not flake. It is, quite simply, the best mascara on the market and the only one you need.

B&TB: What's the one thing everyone must have from TARINA TARANTINO?TT: Besides Fleur De Lash, a must-have is my EyeDream Hyperliners. The colors are so saturated and gorgeous; they go on like butter, and set and stay all day. They can be blended out, or worn sharp and defined. 
B&TB: Tell us what’s in your makeup bag right now. 
TT: Sparklicity Gloss in “Paiette”, DollSkin Blush in Feather, lab samples for upcoming products I am developing, DollSkin powder in #2, Fuchsia Revolution brushes, a toothbrush, my stash of vitamins, gum. And, oh yay! There’s that earring I have been looking for.

B&TB: Since launching your beauty line last year, what adventures has it taken you on? 

TT: I have been busy here at The Sparkle Factory developing new jewelry, accessory, and beauty collections. When I am not doing that, I am traveling to press events and promoting the brand. I have also been working on a series of books, and hope to have my first one finished by this fall.

B&TB: Tell us what's next.TT: An inspirational trip to a magical far-off land.

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Flirty and light, this nautical fantasy invokes 40’s postwar boom times and its exuberant optimism. Visions of hair ribbons fluttering in the sea breeze as lovers disembark from the enormous steamers and run into each others arms. Fizzing bubbles, creatures of the deep and vintage findings tell the glittering story of sea-faring fantasies. Tarina reaches out with this collection as an inspiration in these hard times to remind us how strong we are, and that we are setting sail for calm seas and clear skies. Ahoy!...Love!...Sparkle!www.tarinatarantino.com

Monday, June 13, 2011


"Be inspired but be original"

A question I get quite often here at L@TSF  is this;  How does one go about starting a business in fashion, building it up and making a successful brand?.  The real answer is that there is no magic formula except hard work, long hours and sacrifice. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am passionate about the details of everything related to our brand and will often lose sleep worrying about the collections and will make my team crazy at times in order to get things right. It is important to create things that are original and true to who you are, not a copy of what has already been done. The fashion world is really unforgiving and is always looking for what is different and new.  It is easy to come up with the first idea and sell it, the challenge comes when you have to present new collections season after season. I always say that you are only as good as your last collection...that is why I am constantly pushing myself creatively to create the most innovative collections that I can for my customers. To give them something unique that makes them feel good when they wear it.  It is my job to be inspired but also to be original.  Keeping yourself inspired is part of the job and where you find unique inspiration is the key to great design. I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful network of friends and co-workers who are artists and designers. We all inspire each other to be more creative, but also stay true to our original identity. So if you are asking me how to become successful in the incredibly competitve fashion industry there are a few things you need to be:

1. You must be willing to work harder than anyone you know:  You have to work night and day to get the job done and stay on top of every detail of your business.  If it was easy everyone would be doing it!!

2. You must be willing to make mistakes and learn from them:  Do not give up and walk away and definately not repeat them.

3. You have to love what you do even when its hard: There will be times when it seems like the whole world is against you.  Things will not always go your way, and its how you deal with these situations that will really define you as a person and business owner. 
If you have a question for me please leave a comment or email me at deartarina@tarinatarantino.com I will do my best to answer them all here!


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SUMMER COLLAB COLLECTORS SALE! All collaboration collections are on sale now including HELLO KITTY X TT, BARBIE X TT, WIZARD OF OZ X TT,  ALSO!!!  *With any purchase of $200 or more you will receive a free HELLO KITTY PINK HEAD kaftan pendant necklace.  (while supplies last) 


Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Bronze shimmer dust, TT Bronze palette, Marc Jacobs Biscotti, stack of skull, pearl and Lincoln bracelets. Www.tarinatarantino.com

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We have been collaborating with pop culture icon HELLO KITTY for almost a decade. What many people do not know is that the TTxHK collaboration (known as; Hello Kitty Pink Head collection by TARINA TARANTINO) was the very first of its kind in the U.S.A.   Tarina's designs pioneered an era of Hello Kitty Couture, and gave women of all ages permission to wear kitty well into their adult years.  The flashpoint of this collection is that kitty is sporting Tarina's signature fuchia hair in many different styles throughout the years.  Tarina re-styled kitty each season and took her on journeys to Wonderland, Russia, the Mod 60's and more.  Tarina has been a fan of the Japanese icon since she was a little girl and first discovered Hello Kitty while shopping with her Grandmother at Bullocks Wilshire in Los Angeles.  A tiny kiosk of erasers, toys and papergoods sparked a lifelong admiration for the Sanrio character that continues today and is now shared with Tarina's two daughters who have a mural of Pink Head Hello Kitty on their bedroom wall.  Nicky Hilton is also a fan and collector of Tarina's pieces as seen recently in The Coveteur.