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 Friend of Sephora: Tarina Tarantino (FROM SEPHORA 'S BEAUTY & THE BLOG)

Even in the beauty industry, it's very rare to meet someone for whom sparkle is a self-described "state of mind." We got a chance to speak to the one-and-only Tarina Tarantino about her life in the sparkle trenches and her upcoming appearance on QVC, this Thursday, June 16 at 10:00 p.m. PST (or June 17 1:00 a.m. EST).

Beauty & the Blog:You launched on QVC last summer. How has your experience been so far?

Tarina Tarantino: Going live is like nothing I had ever experienced before. The energy and excitement in the studio are amazing. Working with such incredible hosts makes it easier, and I am always in awe by what they are able to do. 

B&TB: Do you still get butterflies before going on air?
TT: Yes, I do still get butterflies! But mine sparkle. 
I usually relax by catching up with other beauty brand founders like Josie Maran in the green room beforehand. Everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. It’s really an amazing team at QVC, and I always have fun. 

B&TB: What are some camera-ready beauty tips?TT: My new SPARKLICITY Gloss reflects the studio lights so beautifully and makes lips look lush. This is because it visually plumps your lips with the micro-crystalline gems in the formula. I also try to get a really good night's sleep before and drink lots of water. It's cliché, but so true!
B&TB: You have a unique philosophy on sparkle. Tell us about it. 
TT: Sparkle is a state of mind. 

B&TB: So, how does your state of mind inform your beauty collection? 

TT: I feel that adding some shimmer or sparkle brings light, happiness, and beauty to a makeup look. I have formulated my Sparklicity products to give women of all ages a chance to wear sparkle. It contains a micro-crystalline sparkle technology that incorporates crushed diamond dust and gemstones to emulate the sparkle from my jewelry collections. 

B&TB: What is the one beauty item you don’t leave the house without using?TT: Fleur De Lash mascara, it is the ONE thing I wear no matter what. The formula also curls your lashes, so it’s a one-step mascara routine. It stays on all day and does not flake. It is, quite simply, the best mascara on the market and the only one you need.

B&TB: What's the one thing everyone must have from TARINA TARANTINO?TT: Besides Fleur De Lash, a must-have is my EyeDream Hyperliners. The colors are so saturated and gorgeous; they go on like butter, and set and stay all day. They can be blended out, or worn sharp and defined. 
B&TB: Tell us what’s in your makeup bag right now. 
TT: Sparklicity Gloss in “Paiette”, DollSkin Blush in Feather, lab samples for upcoming products I am developing, DollSkin powder in #2, Fuchsia Revolution brushes, a toothbrush, my stash of vitamins, gum. And, oh yay! There’s that earring I have been looking for.

B&TB: Since launching your beauty line last year, what adventures has it taken you on? 

TT: I have been busy here at The Sparkle Factory developing new jewelry, accessory, and beauty collections. When I am not doing that, I am traveling to press events and promoting the brand. I have also been working on a series of books, and hope to have my first one finished by this fall.

B&TB: Tell us what's next.TT: An inspirational trip to a magical far-off land.

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