Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Live Hangout with Tarina Tarantino and Lydia Hearst

In case you missed it, here is the full Google Hangout with Lydia Hearst and editors Liz Franz and Marissa Harrington. Cute face I am making there huh? Gotta love those screen grabs! This was my first Google Hangout and I really loved it so fun and informative. So heres the mini overview; during the hangout we discussed how to apply and wear shimmer and sparkle in your beauty routine.  I demonstrated how to correctly use my Sparklicity pure and Shimmer Dust products  as well as how to incorporate sparkle into a daytime look. I had a great time chatting with these ladies discussing our favorite beauty tricks. Lydia Hearst who really knows fashion and beauty having worked with the best makeup artists and photographers all over the world dispensed great tips about using multiple eyeliners to create a smokey eye and she also teaches us how to use do some beauty multitasking with lipstick from eyes to lips- wow! You can find all the products we discussed on and of course our website too. Oh and be sure to check out Lydia's fantastic website called Love Lydia Hearst too!  Hope you enjoy the hangout! please comment here with any beauty questions you may have and lets start a sparkling conversation!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chaplin wisdom

This is our cardboard cutout of Charlie.  He moved in on Olivia's birthday last year as she is mildly obsessed with Mr. Chaplin and had the aforementioned as the theme for her party.  Well we gave him some extra sparkle (note the tiny star sequins on his shoulder and hat) and then we all fell in love.  He lives with us now, and sometimes at night when I sneak downstairs for a midnight snack and some reality t.v, I catch him out of the corner of my eye and jump out of my skin.  Once he arrived we realized he was just meant to be part of the family.  He moves around, we try to keep him out of the sun so he won't fade and he is always the life of any dinner party.  What Chaplin has become for us is a daily reminder of what is possible when you stay focused and work hard. He also authored many wonderful quotes, this one being my favorite.  He coined this phrase after a disastrous fire during the filming of The Circus, he was devastated as everything was destroyed and he practically had to start over. But in typical chaplin style he picked himself up and marched on.  The Circus went on to be one of the masterpieces of silent history and Chaplin continues to inspire us all to this day with his genius and style.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Sparkle With Tarina - Jul 24, 12PM PDT

Please join me on WEDNESDAY JULY 24, 12PM PDT for a live GOOGLE HANGOUT with my beautiful friend, TT Beauty model, Actress and lifestyle Blogger @lydiahearst along with @blushdotcom we will be discussing all things beauty and how to apply and wear sparkle and shimmer makeup looks for all ages.  All sparkle is not created equal! My Sparklicity collection is all formulated with a micronized shimmer that sparkles like tiny gemstones! We will be taking questions and giving away Sparklicity Pure Gold eye shimmer to three lucky winners! Hope you can come and hang with us!  Check out the video above and this link for more info! xo

Friday, July 12, 2013

Instant flower crown tutorial

Anywhere clips are one of my favorite jewelry wardrobe essentials.  I created my first collection of these multifunctional accessories back in the late 1990's to be worn in the hair, on clothing, handbags or shoes.  To this day it is still my go to item to add that perfect bit of sparkle on a bad hair day.  Another hair accessory trend we are all loving this summer is the flower crown.  And while I love them too, and have created many different versions over the years, my favorite way to get this look is by using clusters of Anywhere clips.  You can create endless combinations AND if you are like me and prone to headband headaches this eliminates the need for a headband completely. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to take your collection of Anywhere clips, or other hair accessories, bows, etc. and turn them into an instant flower crown. 

STEP 1: Create a story or theme for for your #instantflowercrown by clustering different hair clips together.  Here are some examples;

STEP 2: Begin clipping them into your hair, beginning at the crown and working downward on each side. Nestle the clips together for extra security.

Step 3; try different storys, clusters and themes. 

STEP 4: Share your #instantflowercrown with us so we can share your photos with our followers! Just hashtag #instantflowercrown on instagram or twitter and follow me @tarinatarinat and @tarinatarantino (instagram) and have a sparkling weekend!