Friday, March 11, 2011

The watery worlds of HAYAO MIYAZAKI

The news of the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan took my mind immediately to images from some of my favorite Hayao Miyazaki films SPIRITED AWAY and PONYO.  I always wondered why Miyazaki uses so much watery imagery in his films and it struck me that the Japanese have a unique relationship with the ocean as they have had to endure the terror of its destruction many times before.  Watching these films you see the deep respect that Miyazaki has for the Ocean and its formidable power.  Unfortunately this real life disaster has a very unhappy ending and my heart and thoughts go out to all who are suffering in Japan, a country that I love and have had the pleasure of visiting several times and look forward to visiting again.


April Rodriguez said...

I recently saw Ponyo while babysitting my boyfriends niece. She feel asleep during the movie and I stood up watching it and crying at the end.

Great movie!

Emily said...

And Totoro! That was a childhood classic for me!

I've really enjoyed this post about the relationship the Japanese have with the sea. It is popular in Japanese funeral customs to scatter the cremations in to the sea. I apologize if this is a morbid topic but I think it would be so beautiful and honourable to be able to become part of the sea after I've died. I imagine this is especially symbolic to the Japanese who have so much respect and love for the sea.