Saturday, December 4, 2010


The brand new 5 drawer jewelry / cosmetic chest from our HOME JEWELRY collection and is handmade from the finest acrylic and embellished with gorgeous crystal knobs.  Each drawer has 8 large clear compartments.  Imagine finding this under your Christmas tree, especially if it was filled with sparkling jewels from TT!
Selected items from the  TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY collection has arrived at our boutiques in L.A and NYC.
 TARINA'S FAVORITES! See what books inspire some of my favorite collections.....
 IMAGINARY BOTANICALS delicious, decadent and rare candles, only $20!
CHARM BAR! Be playful and creative, mix and match or choose a special gift for all the charmer's on your list! 
Wander into WONDERLAND at our jewel box boutiques on MELROSE AVE. in LOS ANGELES, GREENE ST. in NYC & Via Borgogna MILANO!

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